2022 Year in Review

BCSAR Team Photo

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BCSAR Member Spotlight: Ashton!

Member Spotlight Ashton

➡️  What made you want to join BCSAR? I have always wanted to join the BCSAR team. I think it is important to teach my kids that they need to volunteer in some way in the community they live in. BCSAR is an incredible way to show them how their mom gives back to their […]

BCSAR Member Spotlight: Christina!

➡️  What made you want to join BCSAR? The combination of serving my community with being outdoors learning new skills with amazing volunteers. Our team is made up of all the best friends and mentors I was looking for. ➡️  On average, how many hours per month do you give to BCSAR? 40-50+ ➡️  Where […]

BCSAR Member Spotlight: Dennis!

➡️ What made you want to join BCSAR? Many, many years ago I was working for the Town of Paradise – and a father and 3 kids went missing while hunting for a Christmas tree (The 2007 Dominguez Search). Butte County SAR launched a major search effort, covered worldwide by every major media outlet. SAR […]

BCSAR Member Spotlight: Brittany!

➡️ What made you want to join BCSAR? I love helping people, and I was looking for a place to volunteer in my free time. I saw a lot of rescues that were able to happen because of the people who volunteer with BCSAR, and the special equipment they train with and knew that would […]

BCSAR Member Spotlight: Noelle!

➡️  What made you want to join BCSAR? Well – I had this puppy named Spinner…. and the rest is history. I had always thought search and rescue work could be fascinating and finally got off my behind and went to a meeting. ➡️  On average, how many hours per month do you give to […]

Butte County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Applies for OHV Grant

Butte County Sheriff's Search and Rescue - Snowmobiles

Our team responds to calls for service in both the Jonesville OHV and High Lakes OHV areas. We respond to searches for lost, missing, or stranded riders, accidents, and medical emergencies in these remote areas of the county. Jonesville and High lakes see various off-highway vehicle use in all seasons, and our team uses OHV […]

Butte County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Featured on National Television

Extreme Ice Machines Logo

Our team was recently featured on the Science Channel’s show Extreme Ice Machines. You can learn more and view the episode here. The episode, entitled “Goliath Below Zero,” follows our team as we use our Tucker Sno-Cat to perform a mock rescue in the Jonesville area. This episode is a good behind-the-scenes look into what our […]

Helicopter Ball Drop 2020 Recap

We had an amazing first annual helicopter ball drop! Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors as well as our host, Canyon Oaks Country Club. Please enjoy the recap video below and we hope to see you at the event next year. https://youtu.be/a7ADyou9svc